The Boom of Senior Models: How does it Affect our Society?

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The modeling era open only for the young generation has ended. Recent years have opened the doors for older generations to continue this career, and age doesn’t seem to be the matter now. Currently in the fashion industry, “senior models” are becoming increasingly popular in South Korea. Senior Models refer to elderly models over the age of 50. 

The boom of the senior models has started due to the need for senior models to find their careers and the changed views toward the limitation of people’s work potential after retirement. 

Ko, Kyung A, a candidate for a Ph.D. and Lee, Jung Gyo, a professor of Kyung Hee University’s department of media information, informed that the advertisement products with senior models appeared the most at 40.8% for pharmaceutical and medical products, but also showed a high rate of increase in those of cosmetics and fashion. This indicates that senior models appear in more diverse product group advertisements than before. 


Photo of the reporter Eunchae Hong and model Hyeongdo Jung. “Andre Kim Homme Fashion Show Celebrating Anniversary of Korean War” held at Ramada Hotel on July 31, 2020. [Jiae Lee] <left>

Photo of the reporter Eunchae Hong and model Jaeheon Jang. “The First Show of Paris Fashion Week Fashion Muse Contest” held at Incheon Paradise City Hotel on February 19, 2022. [Jiae Lee] <right>


As the lifespan of the elderly started to extend due to advances in medical technology and quality of life, the proportion of the population of elderlies became much greater than that of newborns. Hence, it became necessary for elderlies to find their roles and jobs to survive in this society. These changes open new opportunities for different age groups and create diversity among the types of models that are present in the modern world.  In South Korea, several top senior models continue to inspire many elderly: Kim Chil-doo, Choi Sun-Hwa, and Yoon Yeong-Ju.   
So, why are people so passionate about the upbringing of senior models? It allows these models to rediscover themselves and inspires many elderly to gain hope. Currently, organizations such as the Korea Model Association and New Senior Life are raising senior models to pursue their careers. Not only can this improve the lives of the elderly, but we can also expect major improvements in our economy because the elderly are gradually starting to gain profits for themselves in various jobs. 




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