The Unending COVID-19 Pandemic

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- COVID-19’s Effect on Mental Health

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of a vaccine and control of the spreading of the coronavirus was the biggest concern of the public. However, as the pandemic became a prolonged issue, a more indirect effect of this pandemic is drawing the public's attention. 62 percent of the public has reported that they are worried about their mental health. Different aspects of the corona situation are causing damage to people's mental health.

The fear of you contracting the virus or loved ones getting the virus has caused many psychological effects on the population. Masks and hand sanitizers are not guaranteed protection from the virus, and it is difficult to identify a patient due to the dormant period of about 2 weeks. This sense of danger has increased fear and anxiety in people, especially older adults and people with other underlying health issues. Prolonged emotions of fear and anxiety are causing the mental health of many people to deteriorate. The effects may be more difficult for elders who already have dementia or other disease related to the brain.


Another aspect of the pandemic is quarantine and social distancing. Both are required processes to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Consequently, these regulations lead to decreased social interactions and a less active lifestyle. This may cause people loneliness and depression. It may even have more radical effects such as alcohol and drug use disorder or committing self-harm or suicidal behavior.

The most significant effect is that the pandemic has caused many mental health care centers to close. During this time, where mental health issues are increasing, it has become harder to obtain help from professionals. With fewer places to receive help, the situation is disimproving. It seems vital to address this issue as soon as possible.




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