Is Political Correctness Destroying the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has long been cherished for its attractive superheroes and intricate narratives. But in recent years, certain changes made within the MCU to align with evolving social norms have ignited backlash from fans. The drastic changes regarding ‘Political Correctness’ have sparked debates about whether these adaptations are genuine steps toward inclusivity or calculated attempts at appealing to contemporary trends.

MCU’s emphasis on female characters and their stories has been criticized by some as an overcorrection. Films such as Captain Marvel and The Marvels ignited debates over whether these choices relied heavily on gender representation and overshadowed the quality of storytelling and character development. Some critics are even calling Marvel’s Phase 4 and Phase 5 “M-She-U,” instead of the MCU, as Marvel seems to be emphasizing more on female heroes while the male heroes are being sidelined.

The efforts to improve racial, cultural, and ethnic diversity in Marvel’s characters and narratives have led to the introduction of new heroes. While this has been applauded as a step toward inclusivity, critics have accused these changes of feeling forced or tokenistic. Some argue that authentic representation involves more than simply altering a character’s background and that convincing storytelling should be the basis of strong character development with which the audiences can empathize. 

The noticeable changes regarding the ‘Political Correctness’ in Marvel narratives have earned both acclaim and criticism. However, MCU movies and shows should put more effort into prioritizing character-centric stories, because regardless of social or political themes, the quality of storytelling should always be paramount to maintain audience engagement. Fortunately, there are several more years left before the end of Multiverse Saga, so it isn’t too late for Marvel to rebound from its current box office failure. 


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