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The state of technology is advancing quickly in the modern world. Numerous events that we formerly considered to be far in the future are already occurring. The chatbot ChatGPT from Open AI is one of these technologies. A few years back, OpenAi introduced ChatGPT, a text-based artificial intelligence system that responds to inquiries. When artificial intelligence (AI) initially entered the globe, many people were astounded by what it could accomplish. Robots are increasingly capable of artificial intelligence, nevertheless.

Open AI accomplished the successful development of a robot that is capable of all human-level logical thought processes with the aid of a startup business called Figure. Figure 1, a GPT4 created by Open Ai, is used to train the robot. Figure 1 shows the various tasks that are assigned to it and its ability to make deft choices. Figure 1 and a person can converse because the robot's sensors can detect items in its environment and hear individuals conversing nearby.

The main issue with this new, sophisticated robot is that many people think such developments are unnecessary and would simply lead to additional problems. As artificial intelligence (AI) advances, robots are beginning to replace humans in an increasing number of jobs. "AI has already disrupted the SIEM (security information and event management) market," stated Exabeam Chief Data Scientist Derek Lin. Similarly to this, robots are replacing humans in several other criteria that humans were previously successful in, which has alarmed some opponents of artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, some contend that AI has the power to transform society and improve efficiency. Expert in artificial intelligence Kai-Fu Lee stated, "I think AI will change the world more than anything in human history." Beyond electricity, moreover. AI proponents like Lee claim that their technology would usher in a plethora of innovations and improve people's quality of life.

Although the development of technology is truly astonishing, there are still conflicts going on about whether this technology is good for human society. Regardless of the debate, AI is a general trend that is likely to develop and influence our world greatly.




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