Why She Does Not Want You

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If you are a man, you probably have envisioned yourself being the guy every girl wants at least once in your life. What many men need to realize is their league and value compared to the rest of other men. All men in society compete against one another, and most fail to realize that it is a competition. The three major points of becoming a high-value man are discipline, confidence, and ambition. 

From the moment you are born to the day you will die, you compete globally with 4 billion men. Nowadays, many things come quickly to the young generation, and they do not have to experience the hardships of the older generations. Men have become weak and way too comfortable in society. Because men have become weak, sexual polarization has become almost equal among men and women. 

Many mediocre men like to slack off and sit on social media or do not practice healthy habits. Many also lack self-confidence because of that and self-belief in themselves. When a man lacks self-belief, women can notice the change in energy, and it instantly becomes a turn-off. It starts with your voice, tone, body posture, and movements; women can notice everything.

Lastly, as a man, you need to have a goal in life and work every day to achieve that goal. You are living a meaningless life without purpose and goals. Women love men who are ambitious and have something going for them. So next time you approach a woman, ask yourself these questions and become the best version of the man you can be.





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