What is Quantum Mechanics and is it Real?

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In October, three scientists, John. F Clauser, Alain Aspect, and Anton Zeilinger were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their contributions to quantum mechanics. Although many people are aware of the term "quantum mechanics," few are fully aware of what it comprises. This article will define quantum mechanics and examine whether all of this hypothetical "theory" is correct.

Most of us have heard of the hypothetical experiment known as "Schrodinger's Cat." There is a box containing cyanide poison and a Geiger counter that measures radioactive decay in the experiment. If a uranium atom with a 50% chance of decaying decays, the poison will spread and kill the cat. After an hour, the box is closed and examined. When the box is not noticed, the cat enters a zombie condition, in which both the dead and alive states coexist. The cat's status is then determined at the time the box is inspected, either dead or alive.



Similarly, in quantum physics, the states of two protons are not determined if they are not observed. This is known as a quantum superposition, and it occurs when both states inside the protons coexist. Then, as the protons are observed, one is assigned a state, and because the two protons are connected by quantum entanglement, the proton assigned a state sends a signal to the other proton to determine its state as the alternate state, and this process occurs faster than the speed of light, giving the impression that both states are determined concurrently.

Many scientists, including Einstein, first dismissed the concept as absurd. However, one of this year's novel award winners, "John. F Clauser," helped to develop an inequality known as the "CHSH inequality," which showed the existence of quantum mechanics. This disparity triggered multiple quantum mechanics experiments, and the theory is now widely considered a widely accepted theory and a vital feature that is inextricably linked to physics and our everyday lives.





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