Strategies and Roles of Korea in the New Cold War

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- The Deterioration of the New Cold War and the Role of Korea, a Middle-Income Country

The hegemonic race between the capitalist and communist camps has continued since World War II and the Cold War. The representative countries of the capitalist camp are the United States, and the representative countries of the communist camp are China and Russia. As the relationship between the two is deteriorating again now, people are calling it the New Cold War. Korea, as an ally of the United States, is on the capitalist side and relies heavily on the United States militarily but relies heavily on China for a large part of its national economy. Therefore, Korea should use tightrope diplomacy as a strategy to survive between the two countries.

 Recently, the Russian-Ukrainian War broke out. As soon as the global economy, which had slowed down due to COVID-19, showed signs of recovery, the war shocked the world. With significant inflation, Korea is also experiencing the worst economic crisis since the IMF. Meanwhile, watching Ukraine struggling with Russia, the release of confidential documents saying China is trying to start a war against Taiwan has caused a stir. In addition, the new Cold War is getting worse, including China, which is conducting military drills in the Taiwan Strait, and the U.S. House Speaker, who visited Taiwan for the first time in 25 years. We could collapse militarily and economically if we were on either side. We need to find a way to satisfy both China and the United States. First of all, because Korea is geographically close to China and Japan, we must first strengthen our solidarity with Japan, which is in the same capitalist and while listening to what China wants, we should get a promise for what our country wants. It should continue to unite with the United States through military exercises and constant talks. Both countries should take advantage of the situation and take full advantage of it, as one of their allies is regrettable.

Both the U.S. and China are struggling to win each of their camp's allies. Neutral diplomacy is the only way for Korea to survive the new Cold War, worsening due to the Russia-Ukrainian War or the China-Taiwan conflict. We can't give up on the economy or the military, so we should focus on diplomacy and find a way for Korea to move forward.



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