The Future of Korean Basketball

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The popularity of Korean basketball has been inconsistent over the years. Due to several recent match-fixing scandals, fans of the Korean Basketball League have felt beyond betrayed. However, today’s reputation of Korean basketball has seen some recovery through continuous improvements in the adeptness and skill of the players.

The Korean Men’s National Basketball Team has participated in the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup, which is comprised of 16 teams. At 3-0, the team is maintaining the 1st seed in Group B. Players showed outstanding performance during the three games, causing a more positive shift in public perception and a newfound hope in this revealed potential of the team.  

From the Korean Men’s National Basketball Team, two players’ domination on the court gave them a chance to confront the world's best players. Two of Korea's biggest basketball prodigies-Hyun Jung Lee and Jun Seok Yeo-were invited to the 2022 NBA Draft Combine to further their dreams of becoming players in the NBA. Hyun Jung Lee is now playing for the Davidson Wildcats Men’s Basketball Team in North Carolina, and Jun Seok Yeo is playing for Korea University, ranked first in the KUSF university league. Both players have shown their basketball prowess in the 2022 Asian Games and at the World Cup. Two of the youngest players on the team, they have positioned themselves as top offensive choices and have assisted in Korea’s multiple victories.

I hope that these trailblazers will pave the way, opening doors for many more talented players as well as further elevating the status of Korean basketball in the future.




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