‘Welcome Generation’- BTS Speech at the 2021 United Nations General Assembly

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In September 2015, the United Nations made history when 193 member states unanimously adopted seventeen Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs) that serve as a centerpiece of its post-2015 development agenda. SDGs, the world’s new action plan to eradicate poverty and hunger, fight inequality, tackle climate change, and achieve sustainable development for all.

As part of the 76th United Nations General Assembly, BTS spoke at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment of the UNGA as Republic of Korea President Moon Jae In’s special presidential envoys for future generations and culture. This year’s SDG Moment focused on climate change and conflicts, especially regarding the COVID-19 crisis. The boy band wore dark suits, lanyards with name tags, and lapel pins promoting the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals campaign.


Photograph: BTS_official (@BTS_bighit) on Twitter


RM opened his address to the General Assembly by highlighting the losses and missed opportunities that young people endured as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I've heard that today's young are being referred to as Covid's lost generation,” Jin and Jimin stated, but Jin and Jimin advised renaming the youth the "welcome generation." “Instead of fearing change, this generation embraces it,” Jin continued, while J-Hope added, “What matters are the choices we make when faced with change.” Their speech talked about the struggles of today’s youth and why we need to think of a sustainable future to beat climate change, emphasizing that “Every choice we make is the beginning of change, not the end.”

Moreover, they also enthusiastically endorsed vaccines. “Yes, all seven of us, of course, we have received vaccinations. The vaccine was a sort of ticket to meeting our fans waiting for us and to being able to stand here before you today,” J-Hope said. BTS ended their speech with a joyous performance of their latest song, “Permission to Dance,” at the U.N. headquarters.




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