The Importance and Interest of Student Leadership in our Current Societies

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The definitions of a leader in the dictionary are “ a person in a position to lead the whole organization or group” and “a person who makes decisions in an important position.” In other words, a person who makes the most ideal decision in an important position by collecting various opinions.

First, leaders basically exist for organizational management. In order to achieve these objectives, student leaders help shape the objectives and goals and assist the members in performing their assigned tasks and required roles actively and creatively. Basically, a student leads a school organization. Simply put, they lead from the most minor organization, the class, to bigger groups such as the student council and the student life committee. It seems that people tend to easily ignore teenage leadership activities. But, it is admirable and wonderful for a student to lead and guide a community.

Leadership experience as a student is an important process in preparing for future leaders. Leaders are not born selectively but are developed and grown to have the qualities of a leader through trial and error. In modern society, the role of a leader has become important not only among large organizations and companies but also among children playing in small groups on the playground. A lot of attention is being drawn to student leaders.

There is a camp called the American Academy of Youth Leadership, a place that provides a lot of support to student leaders by leading in leadership activities. “AYLA” is a differentiated program for elementary and middle school students who can speak basic English, strengthening their qualifications and careers as global leaders, and offers Speech and Essay writing skill classes at UCLA. By naturally acquiring diverse liberal arts education with and from local students in the U.S., it boasts English practice and a premium leadership program in the U.S. that can be reborn as a global talent.



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